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Understanding the Capability Maturity Model & People Issues in SEI-CMM Implementation


SITARA Continuing Education Points: 1.5 points




PREREQUISITES: Hands-on project management, software engineering and development experience


WAIVERS: Overview of Software CMM  AND Overview of People CMM


  Participants will get a good understanding of the structure and design of the Capability Maturity Model for

     Software and People CMM
  People Issues that will have to be kept in mind while engineering a change management program will be

     described using ideas from Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and contributions of Virginia Satir to

     Family Therapy

  A broad range of methods and ideas from the Software and People CMM coupled with insights into the

     best practices in the industry will give a good orientation to facilitate change management initiatives

     back in your respective organizations



The structure and design of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)sm for Software and People CMM will be described in detail. At the end of the session, participants will realize that CMM is not just a Quality Framework but a management paradigm for developing and managing a successful software initiative in an evolving learning environment that is capable of demonstrating economy of means. Knowledge and application of the 18 Key Process Areas of Software CMM and the 20 Key Process Areas of the People CMM to a change initiative will be described.

While this training program is by no means an exhaustive treatment of all there is to know about the Software and People CMM, it is a good pre-requisite for a more advanced treatment of these two CMM frameworks. Other skills and ideas from diverse topics such as Family Therapy, Organizational Paradigms and MBTI will be explored to gain a full perspective to the topic of effective change management. The two CMMs are known to hugely benefit organizations of all sizes and types.



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