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Software Development Process - Synergy Approach


SITARA Continuing Education Points: 1 point




PREREQUISITES: Working knowledge of C/C++



  Good orientation course for the uninitiated programmer fresh from school

  Participants will understand the principles behind designing an effective software development

  Structured Methods and Object Oriented Techniques for problem decomposition will be explored in the




Activities that govern the processes that are necessary for the development and subsequent maintenance of software, will be explored using Structured Methods and the Object Modeling Technique. Experiences with existing best practices coupled with practical needs from the many development projects are the major inputs in defining this tutorial. Synergy ApproachTM accommodates the real life situation of continuous change which the Waterfall Model cannot address. By doing away with separate verification and validation activities of the V model, it synergises the team’s effort to build robust solutions. By having all the key perspectives represented in each phase of the life cycle to assist in harmonizing the different activities and the deliverables, it reduces the need to iterate among phases which is addressed by the spiral model. In providing all these advantages, the Synergy Approach improves the “quality” of the end of phase deliverables by doing the right thing right the first time.

This approach is made up of  six phases which culminates with the final customer approval.  Each phase will have an end of phase deliverable after the deliverable has been reviewed.  Reviews of each of the end of phase deliverable will be conducted to weed out errors and defects from the configuration items.   

The Synergy ApproachTM explores application of Structured Methods and Object Modeling Techniques in the following phases of software evolution:

  Requirements Definition Phase

  Requirements Analysis and High Level Design Phase

  Detailed Design Phase

  Coding or Implementation Phase

  Code Standardization and Unit Testing Phase

  System Integration and System Testing Phase

  Customer Approval Phase

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