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Management Philosophy

Building relationships based on trust and esteem for human dignity.

Our Values

Learn, leverage and realize value entitlement in the shortest possible time while building relationships.

Our Mission

Excellence Combining Expertise - in everything we do!

What we shall ALWAYS stand for ...


Our Beliefs

We value building relationships more than just short term business returns

Uncompromising integrity and esteem for human dignity

To be the best - in all departments of life and SITARA's designated core competencies

To be a responsible corporate citizen by contributing 5% of our profits to social causes


How we will do it

By living our core values - Learn, leverage and realize value entitlement in the shortest possible time while building relationships

Borrow Shamelessly, Share Willingly, Imitate Creatively, Adapt Imaginatively in a learning environment

Empowerment for all in a creative, cooperative and a synchronous workplace that values teamwork

We will not hesitate to walk away from bad business



"Only a profitable corporation can also be a socially responsible enterprise as well". 

In keeping with the philanthropic generosity of the founder's father and a SITARA elder, Late Professor N. Srinivasa Murthy, we have made it a policy to contribute to the downtrodden and the less fortunate human beings - people suffering from leprosy. In our own little way, we contribute to "The Sumanahalli Project" assisting Sumanahalli leprosy rehabilitation center in Bangalore and the UNICEF.


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What we shall ALWAYS be known for ...


Our Hallmarks

Dependability and Continuity of a Purposeful Relationship

With our Strategic Management Consultancy: we will delight you with our professionalism and approach

With our Assessments: we guarantee credibility and stand by you to vouch for your accomplishment. Results from our assessments are unquestionably above board and respected.

With our Authorized Training Programs: we bring you the very best treatment of the subject matter by ensuring synthesis of diverse thoughts on management and software engineering. Our instructors are "hand-picked" for their expertise and ability to synthesize knowledge using the time tested "Socratic Approach".


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Mailing Address:  SITARA Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Corporate Office

#54, "Sri Hari Krupa", 6th Main Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore KA 560 003 INDIA 

Voice: +(91)-984-523-3222, +(91)-984-563-3222

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