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Technical Web-References...

Angelfire: This is a place to learn about html.
SEI@Carnegie Mellon University: All the greatest and latest stuff related to ... participation, technology and products from a great fountain-head of wisdom.
ISPI: Institute of Software Process Improvement
Software Productivity Research: Function Points by Capers Jones
IIT Software Engineering Group: The IIT Software Engineering Group performs research and development in software engineering. Software engineering is taken to mean all the practical aspects of developing and supporting software, from project initiation through first delivery, maintenance, and evolution...
Tutorial on Perl
Links to Perl

Philosophic Web-References...

Indian Philosophy and Religion: A Launch-pad to India's Spiritual Treasure
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment: You Only Condemn In Others What You Cannot Accept Within Yourself. If You Have Lived With All Situations And Found Peace With Them, Then It Is Easy To Understand Everyone And To Allow Them To Be, ...
Deepak Chopra: Ten Keys to Active Mastery

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Indian Mythology site

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Roget's 1911 Thesaurus  

Encyclopedia Brittanica  


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Sportsline USA 

Wall Street Joural Interactive 

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Internet Movie Database 

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Dilbert Page 

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ASTERIX - the Comic 

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