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Creating An Innovative Organization


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PREREQUISITES: Understanding the CMM & People Issues in SEI-CMM Implementation


  Factors that influence the creation of an innovative software organization will be described
  In depth understanding of applying the PCMM and SW-CMM to innovative organizations would be




The energy behind an innovative organization can virtually be felt! Higher the degree to which this energy is perceived, better are the chances of creating an innovative organization. A few of the hallmarks of an innovative organization can be summarized as follows.

  People have high self-esteem and are highly geared to accept responsibilities. 

  Not only does everybody think about what they do, but they think about how they do and make the day-to-day

    changes that are necessary for optimal performance.
  An innovative organization is oriented to continuous exploration of best practices by forcing a change when

    things get too comfortable.
  Ideas that have business value are often actively sought by the organization and rewarded suitably.
  Innovative organizations look at problems as opportunities and tend to profit from their problems by building

    adequate solutions.
  They capitalize on their crises by thinking about possibilities.
  Have strong, visionary leaders who can communicate their dreams to high energy teams who work with a

    sense of urgency to get things accomplished.
  It is okay to fail is their motto. Failure is often encouraged and not discouraged. Both successes and failures are

    discussed openly so that everybody else in the organization can capitalize on them.

These and many more will be explored in the tutorial giving a good idea of how to build vibrant innovative organizations.
Application of the concepts of “The Fifth Discipline” by Peter M. Senge, as an effective leverage tool to exploit the benefits from implementing the People-CMM and Software-CMM frameworks in learning organizations is examined in a holistic manner. Peter Senge’s seminal work is coupled with field experiences from implementing the Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM) and People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM) frameworks in leading multinationals to provide insights into how to create and sustain a successful process culture. 


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