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Software CMM Model Training


SITARA Continuing Education Points: 3  points




PREREQUISITES: Software Engineering, Structured Software Development, Project Management & Team Building experience in a software development environment. Good understanding of analysis & design of technical solutions.

Overview of Software CMM



  Participants will gain an in depth understanding of the SW-CMM framework.
  The structure and rationale of the SW-CMM framework will be explored and the interconnections between

     the Key Process Areas will be established.

  An ideal course, as a prerequisite for the assessment team 

  IDEALsm Model will be applied to the mechanics of engineering a process improvement program



This tutorial is an exhaustive treatment of the SW-CMM framework. Individuals interested to work on the assessment team on a SW-CMM assessment will find this course of immense value. The SW-CMM framework helps an organization to build a robust change management initiative of its software development process. The SW-CMM orients itself toward building a strong foundation to support and sustain ongoing continuous process improvement by continuously exploring better ways of doing things. The framework is a staged approach to managing changes to the software development process by making "incremental changes" through a transition management approach. 


Some of the key areas addressed by the SW-CMM framework include project management, requirements management, change management, quality management, product engineering, inter-group coordination and defect prevention . When viewed as a staged model, at Level 2 the Repeatable Level, a sense of responsibility and effective management of processes is inculcated by building a foundation of process discipline to create a CULTURE OF COMMITMENT. At Level 3 the Defined Level, software engineering and management processes for development and maintenance are integrated into a coherent whole by establishing a process definition standard - called the Organizational Standard Software Process to create a CULTURE OF BEST PRACTICES. At Level 4 the Managed Level, product quality, service quality and performance measures are understood in statistical terms to support fact-based decision-making by institutionalizing quantitative management of engineering processes to create a CULTURE OF MANAGED PRACTICES. At Level 5 the Optimizing Level, change management is applied to a continuous process improvement program to establish a CULTURE OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT & EMPOWERMENT.   

This tutorial provides ample scope to gain a good understanding of these essential requirements of the SW-CMM to keep an organization vibrant and alive.


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