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Raghav S. Nandyal



Raghav S. Nandyal has many years of consulting, software engineering and management experience. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified ScrumMaster. He is a certified SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraiser (SEI SCAMPI HM LA), awarded by the Software Engineering Institute (now the CMMI Institute). He has the rare distinction of being a certified instructor for Introduction to CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC, Introduction to the People CMM  and Services Supplement for CMMI. He is among the very few certified SCAMPI lead appraisers by the the CMMI Institute, for CMMI-DEV (Development), CMMI-SVC (Services) and the People CMM. He is also certified to lead SCAMPI B & C appraisals on these models 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. He has been a prime consultant, coach and an assessor on Software and People-CMM based process improvement initiatives in leading multinationals, worldwide since 1996. He has led 100+ CBA-IPI (Software CMM), PBAM (People CMM), SCAMPI Class C, B and A appraisals on both the CMMI and People CMM modelsmostly high maturity appraisals. He is on the international review panel for IEEE Software as a referee. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as the SEPG and CMMI Global Congress. He has trained a number of people in India, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand,  the United Kingdom and the United States of America on CMMI, Software CMM and People CMM. He is currently the founder and CEO of SITARA Technologies Private Limited–a professional services Company with focus on strategic management consulting. SITARA Technologies is a partner with the Software Engineering Institute and CMMI Institute who offer both Introduction to CMMI and SCAMPI(sm) appraisal services (assessments). With the People CMM model, SITARA Technologies offers the authorized Introduction to People CMM and People CMM SCAMPI appraisal services. His paper entitled, “Shoehorning CMMI Initiatives with People CMM” was rated among the top 10 papers presented at the 18th Annual Premier SEI sponsored SEPG 2006 Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

In his prior assignment at Intelligroup, Inc. as Chief Process & Quality Officer, he was the primary architect and the driving force behind Intelligroup’s Indian subsidiary to be assessed at the highest rating for software management and technology practices at Software CMM Level 5 in a record time of 12 months in October 2000 since they were assessed at SW-CMM Level 3 in October 1999. He also led their People CMM assessment at Level 2 in May 2000 - among the first sites to publicly acknowledge this capability in the world. As a General Manager, he managed their Corporate R&D division that was responsible for developing software products, tools and engineering methods to support and augment process capability.

He held several senior management positions at LG Software Development Center (India) ranging from program manager to Head-Emerging Technologies. He was instrumental in initiating a significant strategic alliance between LGSI and CISE (Center for Information & Software Engineering) at Carnegie-Mellon University. He was also the prime consultant to LG-EDS Systems, Inc. a 2000 person company in South Korea where as a consultant to the senior management of LG-EDS Systems, Inc., he mentored and coached the Quality Management Team in addition to facilitating outsourcing of project development activities.

He worked as senior manager at NYNEX Science and Technology Asia (P) Ltd., in their Bangkok and New York locations. He was responsible for project management and user acceptance testing of several software modules involving intelligent field access service of telephony applications. He facilitated the software process improvement program based on the SEI-CMM model at NYNEX S&T. He was a Research Assistant at Illinois Institute of Technology after his Master of Science program in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a project associate in the VLSI CAD Laboratory at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore before joining Motorola.

He worked in a software engineering position at Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd., where he developed systems software using structured methods for the Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group. He published several papers and developed innovative award winning software tools in an attempt to automate the software development life cycle, and was part of the team responsible for creating the first commercial Software CMM Level 5 company in the world in November 1993.

His current research interests in software management are in mitigating software risks and building self-sustaining software process improvement programs in development environments working on emerging technologies. He has a number of technical papers in international conferences to his credit. He has guided students as an external guide on their Master’s project work and is a donor alumnus of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. 

He has authored five books, all published by Tata McGraw Hill Education—People CMM, CMMI and Making Sense of Software Quality Assurance. The second edition of the CMMI—Framework of Constellations for Building World-Class IT Organizations—addresses all three constellations of the CMMI in both representations, and was published in May 2011. His most recent book is on Building and Sustaining High Maturity Software Organizations.

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Interpreting People CMM for Software Organizations ... Book Cover     Available in all major book-stores by July 2004     Foreword by John (Jack) T. Harding     New Publication :: 2011 (c) Raghav S. Nandyal     New Publication :: 2012 (c) Raghav S. Nandyal


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