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Quality Procedure
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SPAN provides high quality software and services. We meet International standards for the maturity of our processes and our quality systems for software. We are among less than 100 companies worldwide that are listed with the SEI at the high maturity levels (some have listed each location separately). There are even fewer companies with combined CMM Level 4 and ISO 9001:2000 credentials.

CMM Level 4 mandates statistical control of processes at SPAN. Indicators allow us to determine project performance and take corrective action quickly when our metrics cross preset thresholds. CMM requires us measure and improve our quality continuously.

We provide a dedicated Quality Assurance Group for every project, and as a result of progressive human resources policy, we have been able to retain a staff, comprised of quality competent software professionals.


ISO 9001:2000
SPAN has been certified by TUV, for having established and applied a QMS for Design, Development and Deployment of Software Solutions for Business Applications. For details please see:


SEI CMM Level 4
SPAN's development center in India has been assessed at SEI CMM Level 4. SPAN was assessed by the internationally acclaimed lead assessor, Raghav Nandyal (Sitara Technologies Pvt Ltd), who is among the few authorized by the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. SPAN has most of the SEI CMM Level 5 processes in place and expects to be assessed at CMM Level 5 in the near future. For details on CMM please see: http://www.sei.cmu.edu/cmm/cmm.html


We have a proven software development cycle for various kinds of projects. We use Rapid Prototyping and Incremental model or the Waterfall model depending on the size and scope of the project, allowing us to make timely, accurate and realistic effort along with the time estimates.


Our quality procedures are the result of aggregate decades of IT experience. Being a SEI CMM Level 4 assessed and ISO 9001:2000 certified company, SPAN maintains strict quality standards and procedures for all projects. A SPAN Quality Assurance Group ensures that the offshore team adheres to all standards.


We have a committed software engineering process group, which works towards improving all aspects of the process. The SEPG team recommends new methodologies, imparts skills in new technologies and updates quality procedures in order to improve process and project management practices and procedures.


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