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Introduction to Capability Maturity Model-Integrated (CMMISM) - Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Integrated Process and Product Development, Supplier Sourcing Staged Representation

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Who could benefit from this course?

  • Systems and software engineering managers and practitioners interested in understanding Capability Maturity Model-Integrated
  • Assessment teams who are going to be using the CMMI-based assessment method in the future
  • Systems and Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG/EPG) members who are leading process improvement

Are you comfortable with your staff's understanding of the new CMM-Integrated model?

Are you planning a CMMI-based improvement program and need a better grasp of the CMMI systems and software engineering issues involved?

Course Description

The Introduction to Capability Maturity Model-Integrated - SE/SW, Staged Representation course introduces participants to the CMM-Integrated Model and its fundamental concepts. The course discussion emphasizes understanding of the five maturity levels and the grouping of process areas (PAs). The course in based on version 1.1 of the CMMI.

This three-day course describes a framework that organizations can use to determine their ability to develop and maintain systems; it is a model for organizational improvement. The course is composed of lectures and class exercises with ample opportunity for participant questions and discussions.

Introduction to CMMI helps prepare participants to make valid judgments regarding an organization's implementation of the process areas. The course is helpful in identifying issues that should be addressed in performing process improvement as structured by the CMMI model.

Course Topics

Topics covered in this course include:
  • Introduction
  • CMMI overview
  • Engineering process maturity - CMMI principles
  • Maturity levels and process areas of the CMMI Model Staged Representation
  • Linking the process areas together
  • Interpreting CMMI
  • Application of CMMI

Course Objectives

The course will help participants
  • Understand the importance of having defined processes within an engineering organization and the rationale for process improvement.
  • Comprehend the architecture of the CMMI models (maturity levels, process areas, goals, and generic practices).
  • Gain a sufficient understanding of PA components to function on a CMMI-Based Appraisal team member.
  • Be able to apply the CMMI principles to meet the needs of systems engineering and software engineering organizations.


Participants must have knowledge of systems engineering, software engineering, and management, including exposure to quality assurance, configuration management, and basic management principles. This course can fulfill one of the prerequisites for CMMI-Based Appraisal training.


Introduction to CMMI is a three day course.
Days one-three: 9:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.

See the SITARA CMMI Schedule for dates of offerings.

Course Work

Two hours of reading homework will be assigned for the first and second evening of the course.

Course Materials

As part of the course, participants will receive the SEI technical report on CMMI Model, a course notebook, and additional current readings.

Course Information

Phone: +(91) 98-523-3222

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